IT'S A GIRL Foot Shape Balloon Set

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Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
Maximum Purchase:
500 units

ackage: Set of 5 IT'S A GIRL Foot Shape Balloon Set

Suitable: For baby showers, kids, babies and birthday parties

The balloons are reusable! Insert a straw into the valve and squeeze the air or helium out of the balloons lightly, fold them up and store them away from direct sunlight. This balloon is self-sealing so no tying with fingers required.


You can use the glue stick to the wall or hang on in any background with glue dots, rope, 3M double sided tape or straw.


Quantity and Uninflated Balloon Size in Inches:

Foot: 28W x 30H – Qty. 1

Star: 18W x 18H – Qty. 2

Ball/Round: 18W x 18H – Qty. 2

Package: 5 balloons in total

Material: Foil Mylar