Gold Theme Confetti Balloon - 10 Pack

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10 per bag

We believe in easy and beautiful celebrations, so we have created our classic balloon packs to make your customers' party coordinate seamlessly and their planning simple!

Confetti balloons look stunning at any event. Use them on their own or mix with plain balloons to decorate your party in style.

Includes 10 balloons - 8" latex balloons, 6 solid balloons + 4 confetti balloons, filled with our artisan confetti
Packaged in 8" x 7" clear flap-sealed sleeve with insert
Helium or air-fill, all balloon come flat + deflated.





  • Balloons look opaque until inflated.
  • If filling with air, use a balloon pump to avoid moisture from your breath clouding the balloon.
  • Rub the balloon on carpet or clothing to create static electricity for the confetti to stick to the sides.
  • If filling with helium, we suggest filling the balloon wirth a pump of air first to help the confetti stick to the sides. The confetti will tend to pool at the bottom if only filled with helium.